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Speech Language Pathology

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Role of Speech Language Pathologist and Swallowing Specialist: 
At NewRo Rehabilitation Centre SLPs are primary care providers for 
1.    Swallowing, 
2.    Communication, 
3.    Cognition, 
4.    Language, and 
5.    Speech disorders 
Though the SLP is an independent department, the SLP’s often work in tandem with the other team members in order to achive the combined goals set by the multi-disciplinary rehab team. Individuals frequently benefit from services that include speech-language pathologist collaborations with other professionals. Following are the brief role of a Speech Language Pathologist at NewRo: 
1.    Screening
2.    Comprehensive assessment
3.    Accurate identification and differential diagnosis
4.    Appropriate goal setting
5.    Adequate execution of treatment protocols
6.    Progress monitoring and documentation
7.    Clinical decision making
The delivery of service may be at different setups according the requirement. Various setups are inpatient acute care (including unconscious/ conscious patients on ventilator), acute inpatient rehab care, and out-patient rehabilitation. 


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