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We at Newro Rehab proudly declare that we are the only clinic that can claim a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to address rehabilitation at this time. In other words, the therapies, Speech, Occupational, and Physical are all provided under one roof. In addition, we offer the services of a full time Neuropsychology on the premises. The staff works as a team to create a treatment plan with appropriate goals and therapy techniques keeping “whole” person in mind. Each week the treatment plan is reviewed by the team and the goal modifications are made as necessary. A home assessment done by the NewRO professionals to estimate the need of adaptive equipment and gauge the safety in the patient’s familiar environment is available and recommended as appropriate.

Multidisciplinary Team Approach to address rehabilitation

We are confident about the role we play in the healing process. And, our patients come to us when they need us the most. Our concerned and compassionate staff are always there to provide skilled treatments effectively. We believe that our clinic’s healing environment allows for a wonderful therapeutic experience for the patients and their families as well as an effective working atmosphere for our staff. 

Meet our Physicians:

Dr.Sharan Srinivasan

Jan 15, 2013 - Comments: 0

MBBS, Dip NB (Neurosurgery) Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, MNAMS – Head of the Neuro Rehab Team.

Dr. Sharan Srinivasan has been working as a Consultant Neurosurgeon (Brain & Spine surgeon) in Bangalore since the last 14 years. He has performed over 2,500 major neurosurgical procedures (both of the brain and spine). He has extensive experience in Neurotrauma, Neuro critical care and Neuro Rehabilitation. He has handled over 15,000 patients in these areas. He also has a special interest in Functional neurosurgery (consisting of epilepsy surgery, surgery for pain and for movement disorders). He also does a lot of philanthropic work in helping poor patients get quality treatment. In this context he started the Swaasthya Aarogya Foundation, a not for profit NGO in Oct 2008 to further this objective. One of his lifetime goals is to set up a world class network of hospitals and centers providing affordable Neuro Rehabilitation and Functional neurosurgery. 

One of his lifetime goals is to set up a world class network of hospitals and centers providing affordable Neuro Rehabilitation and Functional neurosurgery. 

Dr.Prathiba Sharan

Jul 01, 2013 - Comments: 0

MBBS, PGDPC (Psych. Counseling) Neuropsychology (NIMHANS) FNR (Fellowship in Neurological rehabilitation- Apollo hospitals)

Dr Prathiba Sharan is a practicing physician for 17 years and a consultant Neuropsychologist since last 4 years. In addition to practicing medicine she is also a qualified psychological counselor, a certified neuropsychologist, a yoga practitioner, and a motivational speaker because she strongly believes in approaching rehabilitation and the practice of medicine in a holistic way. For the past 10 years, Dr. Prathiba has also conducted hundreds of workshops through her organization SHARP MINDS that specializes in stress management, soft skill trainings and lifestyle modification programs. She is currently the head of the Neuro rehabilitation Services at NewRo. 

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