About Newro

We at Newro proudly declare that we are the only centre that provides a Multidisciplinary Team Approach to address rehabilitation. The various therapies carried out, including speech, occupational, and physical therapies, are all provided under one roof. We also offer full-time neuropsychology services. The staff works as a team to create a therapy plan using a holistic approach, with appropriate goals and therapy techniques, keeping the individual’s requirements in mind. Each week, this plan is reviewed by the team, and goal modifications are made as necessary based on the person’s progress. A home assessment is done by our NewRo professionals to estimate the need for adaptive equipment, and to gauge the safety in the patient’s familiar environment so as to provide effective home-based therapy.Founded in 2012 by Dr Sharan Srinivasan and Dr Prathiba Sharan, NewRo has demonstrated that comprehensive neurorehabilitation is possible, measurable and achievable. The evidence-based model NewRo follows has proven time and again that neurorehabilitation, when instituted early and followed up intensely, leads to magical results.

With over 35 years of cumulative experience in addressing neurological disabilities, the NewRo team has already built and operationalised innovative and cost-effective appliances (Walk Free, a body-weight support system to facilitate early mobilisation and over-ground walking, a modified Wii board to help in balance assessment and re-training, etc., to name a few). The current facility at Okalipuram is over 6000 square feet with dedicated ambulation area, studios for activities of daily living, and vocational rehabilitation.  

Multidisciplinary Team Approach to address rehabilitation

We are confident about the role we play in the healing process.

Our patients come to us when they need us the most, and our concerned and compassionate staff are always there to provide skilled treatment effectively. We believe that our centre’s healing environment allows for a wonderful therapeutic experience for the patients and their caregivers/families, as well as an effective working atmosphere for our staff.